We provide health solutions to those who truly need it.





We want to provide health solutions for people who truly need them and often don’t have access to them. How? Through different medical operatives around the country that reduce inequality in the health system.

We aim to create an autonomous collaboration model between health actors where specialist physicians from the private sector get involved in addressing several needs of the public sector, training, learning and working for a better Chile.

Emblematic Projects

Desafío Levantemos Chile ha realizado cerca de 500 operaciones de artrosis de cadera a lo largo de Chile para reducir listas de espera

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200 pacientes de Valparaíso serán beneficiados con prótesis de caderas

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Desafío Levantemos Chile, desarrolla proyecto para reducir lista de espera de artrosis de caderas en la región de O’higgins

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